Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thank. You. All.

It's that time of the year when the realization of life hits you and you become aware of the fact that you are very thankful towards the people around you.
Well, I am.
And today it is towards one person. My role-model and the best journalist South Africa has to offer, Debora Patta. And yes, I am dedicating this blog too her wether she knows it or not. Likes it or not. :)

Debora Patta is someone I thought I'd only meet about five or so years well into my Journalism career, but hey, I was wrong! I'm not going to go on and on about what a total inspiration she is, but if she ever has to see this then I'd like her to know how grateful I am. I've had reason to believe in my life that my writing was a mess and was just a hindrance to read, but she gave me faith again. Thank you.

And with Debora came my meeting some wonderful people such as the various reporters of eNEWS. I have to make mention of Troy Martens, Belinda Moses and Robyn Kriel. You all have been so accommodating of me and so supportive in my work taking into consideration that we have either not met or that we just know one another for a brief time period.

And, I'd just like to thank my other amazing friends, too. Abigail for always listening to me. Debby Edelstein and our random Twitter meeting which turned out to have formed a lovel friendship and ALL of my online friends. Love you all. <3

Okay. Enough with that.  I need your help.
What are your favorite websites or blogs to visit?

I need to do a short blurb on a good one for possible publication.


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  1. I haven't actually heard of Debora. I used to want to do journalism but I ventured into something more media-related because I'm not the best writer and I don't think I'd like journalism too much.

    I have met some wonderful people online and we've formed really close friendships. It's just been great. I also am grateful for the offline friends I have; we can talk so much about many things and they're always so supportive. :)

    I guess most of the blogs on my "links" page are ones I visit regularly and which I like to read. :)

    Thank you for the comment! I don't like warm weather in Australia though, because it can get really, really hot.

    Thank you. :) I hope they sort out too, I'm glad you can relate to my blog! I know the feeling when I can relate to someone's blog and have quite a bit to say. <3

    Wow, eep! The most annoying is on public transport, when you're sitting there and instead of sitting in an empty seat, someone sits right next to you! O.O