Friday, June 11, 2010

Viva South Africa!

Today marked the FIRST day that I have EVER sat down to watch an entire 90-minute soccer match and may I state. . . It was AMAZING!

I have never been an avid soccer fanatic and most probably never will be, but with South Africa playing host to the World's most watched event how can one NOT go about their day with a blind eye to the nation's most loved event! Feel it. It IS here! Viva South Africa. It is our time to shine.

Sadly, tragedy intervened when Nelson Mandela's great-granddaughter passed away this morning when she was in a car accident. May her soul Rest In Peace. 13 years old is a terrible age to have a life lost.

Pulling focus back on today's match, South Africa vs. Mexico. We saw it ending in a draw. SA scored the first goal of the event. What an epic moment for our country.

I am awaiting for the 2nd match tonight, hence a short post for my new blog, but check my minute-by-minute updates via my twitter page @mishgovender. I am still laughing over the dung beetle from the opening ceremony becoming a trending topic. Represent!

South Africa, do us proud.

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